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A welcoming community and gaming café

Visit Sody's Breakfast & Lunch on Monument Road for tasty food, fun games and a warm welcome. 

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About Sody's Breakfast & Lunch

Sody's Breakfast & Lunch is your local community and gaming café that serves delicious home-cooked food. We specialise in serving a healthy alternative to English breakfast, without losing the traditional taste and feel. In all our meals, flavour and enjoyment are never compromised, and we only use the finest ingredients from local suppliers.

We’re not just a place to grab a bite to eat, Sody's Breakfast & Lunch is a place you can be entertained too with our vast selection of board games. We’re also a community space, if you’d like to hire our café for a local event, let us know. More community events and support groups will be happening in the future too.

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Enjoy our hundreds of games

At Sody's Breakfast & Lunch you will find shelves full of board games for you to play and enjoy while you eat. We’ve got games from all genres to suit all ages. Whether you prefer large games you can immerse yourself in for hours or games that are quick and simple to pick up, you find something in our collection.

Come and join us for our regular gaming sessions every Thursday from 3pm - 8pm and Sunday from 11am - 5pm.

Promoting sustainability and community

Sody's Breakfast & Lunch is doing everything we can to be more environmentally conscious. To help reduce our food waste and allow our local community to benefit from fantastic food at a great price we sell Magic Bags every Thursday via Too Good To Go App

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Food Delivery

We also deliver!

If you can't visit in person, Sody's Breakfast & Lunch also delivers in the Birmingham area. 

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Visit Sody's Breakfast & Lunch for a warm welcome today

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